Russell Turner

Seek essentials and give the most

One Important Thing


Life is busier than ever before. There are more things to do and opportunities to chase than I have time for. And every second is more temptation to try to tackle as many of them as I can.

But the secret to success and fulfillment is focus. Like Neo in The Matrix, it's the ability to freeze time and push everything aside except for that one most important thing. And to put everything you have into it until you succeed.

We know this intuitively but then why is it so hard? One reason is that there isn't just one most important thing. There are many important things in our lives. We know the story of the wealthy businessman who gave everything to achieve "success," and who's now divorced and has no relationship with his kids. Or the genius programmer that's overweight and fears leaving his messy house.

The problem is that both are true: to be successful and fulfilled you must focus on the most important thing... and there are many of them.

I know it sounds simple but the solution is to allocate focused time to all of these things. For an hour each day, forget about all the demands on your life and take care of your body. For an hour, silence your phone and be present for your loved ones. For an hour, work on that project you've been dreaming about. For an hour, take a walk outside and reconnect with yourself.

What else can you do for an hour each day?


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