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Job Opening (In 2020)


I'm really busy and am tempted to hire someone, but let me tell you why it's a bad idea.

Don't Delegate (or Automate) A Bad Process

First, it lets me get away with a bad process. Part of the reason I'm so busy is that I'm not doing things efficiently. I haven't come up with rules yet and am making the same, time-consuming decisions every day. I'm not batching my work, so I'm wasting valuable time transitioning through many tasks each day.

If I hired someone right now, I'd just be handing them a shitty process. I could expect them to fix it, but that's asking too much. It's far better for me to streamline the process first and then hand them a machine that works.

Be Patient, It's A Marathon

I've only been back at this for a few months. It isn't gold, but I'm happy with what I'm putting out. I'm itching to make it better and leverage is the ticket. Once I can pay someone to make the images, edit the video, normalize the audio, then I can quadruple down on making better content (and more of it).

I see it and I want it now. But there's no rush and it's dangerous to be so impatient. Once I see this as a 10 or 50 year thing, then I'm in the right mindset to do the right thing every day. To work on myself first, remove my barriers, practice consistency.

There's tons of value from trudging through the mud for another year like this. It's early and I'm still figuring out what works. Operating solo gives me the ultimate flexibility so I can pivot faster, try different approaches, and really hone in on the craft.

Job Opportunity

So help me find an assistant. The job starts 1/1/2020.


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