Russell Turner

Seek essentials and give the most

We're So Much Alike


It's natural to focus on differences. It's a survival instinct. We look for the thing that doesn't fit because it could mean danger. And when people believe different things than we do, think differently, act differently, have a different perspective, then our animal instincts kick in and we fight to defend our narrow little world like our lives depend on it.

But in one of the many great paradoxes of the universe, our lives depend on the opposite. They depend on us seeing how much we're all alike. That deep, deep down we all want the same things and fear the same things. And that we're all doing our best while foolishly believing the faulty narratives in our heads.

Once we see how close we really are, then there's a chance. A chance we can appreciate each other's world. A chance we can step outside ourselves and see our own flaws. A chance we can learn from each other. It's from this openness that all the great progress of our time was born. But even more, it's the place where we can truly find joy.


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