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What If Goal Setting Is Hard?


"This is a follow-up to my post on setting vision based on my talk with my results coach today. I was complaining to her that I feel overwhelmed by trying to set goals in all of my categories.

I've got all I can handle right now focusing on my family, my work, and trying to build this platform in the edges of my time. My desire is to put everything else on the back burner and stay tripled down on the rest. But I know it's a recipe for disaster. If you don't at least maintain all of the important areas of your life, you can find yourself in a bad place and that can pull you away from everything. Heath, finances, and relationships come to mind as powerful examples of this.

The aha moment came when Suzie suggested that, instead of setting a "goal," what if I decided on a habit to work on. Instead of "achieve 15% body fat by my my 37th birthday," how about "eat wholesome nutritious food every day," and "commute by bike to work."

This is a game changer for me. I realized a limiting belief that I need to have specific, measurable goals in order to be making progress. But it's obvious to me now that habits, what you do every day, is what gets you to your vision, not goals.

Goals are valuable, when you have something specific that you really want. But you don't always need a goal to make progress. Instead, you can decide what you can do today, who you can be today, what you can practice now to be living your right now.


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