Russell Turner

Seek essentials and give the most

More AND Less


We live in a consumer-driven world and it permeates the way we think. More, more, more, we're always wanting more. More money, more success, more happiness, more vacation, more travel.

It's not wrong, it's just missing the other half of the equation.

To have more of something, you're going to have to have less of something else. If you want more money, then you'll have to give up some time to pick up another job, work more shifts, or build some new skills that make you worth more. If you want more success, you'll have to give up the comfort of laying low and doing things you're already good at.

You get the idea.

To grow a garden you don't start with spreading seeds. You start with tilling the soil and getting rid of everything that's non-essential and that will get in the way. Then you plant the seeds.

I want more, and I want you to have more too. I'm just suggesting that we ought to spend a lot more time focusing on less first.


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