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You Can Find More Time


The past year has been insanely busy. With a transitioning toddler, a new baby, a demanding job, and holes to plug to keep our ship afloat, I'm booked solid. I've made a few attempts to start something, but it never stuck—until now.

Things haven't gotten any easier, so what changed? Two wonderful things happened:

1. My kids debunked the myth that I need tons of sleep

I can already hear the pundits, but let's be honest here: I don't "need" 7, or 8, or 9 hours of sleep every night. Between a teething baby and a toddler that wakes up to pee in the middle of the night, we're lucky to get 2 hours of solid sleep.

I think quality sleep is important, but I think it's overrated. Be smart, listen to your body, rest when you need to rest. Do what you need to do. But don't let it be an excuse not to do something important. Navy Seals and parents can survive it, and so can you (if you really want it).

2. I hit a breaking point and made it a must

Something clicked recently. Maybe it's getting older. I think it's more that I realize with these kids that it isn't going to get any easier anytime soon.

Whatever it is, I'm suddenly compelled to do this. I'm committed to making a massive shift this year, to making a major dent in the path towards a dream of doing work I love.

There's not enough time

I took a walk mid-day to run an errand. On the way back, I pulled out my phone, turned on the camera, and captured a vlog. On the way home from work, I wrote the blog post for it while waiting for the train. I wrote another post on the commute home. Then, I pulled the camera out again to capture the vlog that goes with this post.

That's four pieces of content that I knocked out during time I'd otherwise just waste.

There's not enough time? I've believed that too. But it's just not true. There's plenty of time. It's just a matter of deciding what's important, kicking excuses aside, and committing to making progress.


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