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Veronica Montes

Rumble Life with Russell Turner
Show: The Rumble Life
Episode: 1
Guest: Veronica Montes

I'm excited to bring you the first episode in a new series called The Rumble Life Interviews. My mission here is to bring you conversations that will give you some tools, insights, and maybe even a little inspiration to help you make a difference in your own life.

My first guess is Veronica Montes, a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children.

Pregnant with twins, she lost her daughter at 20 weeks. Then her son was born premature at 26-weeks, weighing just 2 pounds. Shaken by a bleak outlook for son, she charged, "I refuse to let this be my son's outcome. There has to be something that I can do to make sure that he has the best possible life." This was the start of her journey deep into nutrition and the mind-body-soul connection.

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