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Cara Cifelli - A refreshing view on dieting and food mindset

Rumble Life with Russell Turner
Show: The Rumble Life
Episode: 15
Guest: Cara Cifelli
"I think if you need a cheat day from your lifestyle it's not a lifestyle—that's a diet, and you're just fooling yourself." - Cara Cifelli

Cara Cifelli is a certified holistic health coach who helps humans feel confident around food and in their bodies. Through education, positive psychology, neuroscience, intuitive development and major realness, she offers her clients a personal, integrated experience that allows them to connect deeply to the woven-in-wisdom of their bodies so healthy eating and healthy living is fun and easy, not full of guilt, stress and shame.

Through private mentorship, online courses, the Love Your Bod Pod podcast, and instagram, Cara is inspiring others to live fully self-expressed, free from societies expectations of their bodies and their lives. She's been featured in Mind Body Green, Recovery Warriors, Elephant Journey, and The Feed Feed and is the author of the book Body Wisdom now available on Amazon.

Follow Cara's story on Instagram: @caraskitchen

Check out her book: Body Wisdom: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Relationship with Food, Trusting Your Intuition and Becoming Your Own Health Expert

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