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Neva Swartzendruber - Eating disorders and ditching the diet

Rumble Life with Russell Turner
Show: The Rumble Life
Episode: 7
Guest: Neva Swartzendruber

Neva Swartzendruber started an Instagram account to document her “fitness” journey, but it ended up as a documentation of her struggles with bulimia, body dysmorphia, and self-hate.

She hit a breaking point, decided to fight diet culture, accept her body, and love herself, and it has transformed her life. Today, she strives daily to be the woman she needed when she was younger, and to help others to embrace who they are, to love their bodies, to have freedom around food and to see that they are worth so much more than their external appearance.

Follow Neva's story on Instagram: @ditch__the__diet

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