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Dr. Dominik Nischwitz – Biological Dentistry and Next-Level Functional Medicine

Rumble Life with Russell Turner
Show: The Rumble Life Show
Episode: 47
Guest: Dr. Dominik Nischwitz
  • Dr. Dominik Nischwitz (“Dr. Dome”) is an active Biological Dentist, to-date having placed more than 3,000 ceramic implants. He co-founded the International Society of Metal-free Implantology (ISMI) and currently sits as their acting president. He and his father founded DNA Health&Aesthetics, the first center for Biological Dentistry in Germany. Dr. Dome is an international speaker, educator and a pioneer in the growing movement of Functional Medicine.
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  • Follow the journey on Instagram: @drdome1
  • And check out his YouTube playlist on biological dentistry: here
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