Russell Turner

Seek essentials and give the most

It's Not Always Sunshine And Butterflies


We all have bad days. Days when we aren't our best selves. Days when we're negative, short-fused, impatient, lazy. When we throw our goals out the window to indulge in momentary pleasure (like binging on the Halloween candy stash... yep, I just did).

It's important for us to acknowledge that there are many personalities inside of us. Good ones, bad ones, and maybe even new ones we want to create.

Maybe we can get rid of the bad ones. But I am sure that we can learn to understand them. To know what they want and what they fear. And to figure out what triggers them. And, like Seth Godin learned to dance with fear, we can learn to dance with ourselves.

We need to have empathy for our lesser selves. Give them a hug. Forgive them. Then wish them well as we brush off and shift to a better place.


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