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That Guy On "The Voice"


You know that guy on the voice. He stands up confidently and sings (terribly). The judges look at each other in horror. And when they tell him how bad he is, he marches off the stage arrogantly, because the judges are too stupid to see how good he is.

You and I aren't the guy on the voice. We suffer from the opposite problem. From worrying that if we put shitty work into the world, people will judge us like we're that guy. So we hold back, and wait to get it right.

But then we're stuck. Because we can't get better by waiting. Sure, there are some things worth getting right first. But mostly, we need to get it wrong a bunch of times to get to right.

Next time you're holding back. You've got something that isn't ready yet. You don't think it's good enough. Remember, you're not the guy on the voice. Put it out and then make the next one better.


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