Russell Turner

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There's Too Much Time


But where does it all go?

Time disappears when we're not intentional. When we aren't engaged in the moment. When we aren't connected to our purpose.

I planned out my week and was shocked to discover how much time is left. The total time to complete all of the most important and urgent things on my list is 29 hours.

This includes things like: 7 hours to read to Olivia every night; 2 hours to figure out Olga's driving force (during our date on Friday); and 3.5 hours to write daily for 30 minutes. And yes, there's some important work projects to make progress on.

That leaves 83 hours left for me to do more, go deeper, or just enjoy the space.

So why am I always so overwhelmed if I've got this much time? Even doubling my estimates leaves 54 hours. I can even triple them and I've still got 25 hours to spare.

The challenge isn't deciding what's most important to do, that's easy. The challenge is staying focused on it. The challenge is not letting shiny objects pull you off the course you've decided on. The challenge is starting to doubt yourself, that your plan wasn't complete and that you might have missed something.

You probably did miss something. You probably didn't get it perfect. But don't believe it for now. Worry about that when you make the plan for next week."


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