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Social Media Is Just Another Tool


The carpenter is great with a hammer, and the mason with mortar. These tools are excellent for building things. The mason doesn't worry about fumbling about with a hammer, and the carpenter stays focused on her craft using the tools that best suit her.

Social media is just another tool. It's a tool for connecting, for sharing a story (or engaging with one). It might be the most popular of the day, but it's not the only way. You can post on a blog, publish a podcast, send an email, call, text, meet at the coffee shop or at a curated event.

I'm not entirely comfortable (or competent) with social media, but I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll figure it out, or maybe I won't. But it's no reason to lose sight of the primary purpose: to connect, share and engage with others. And to keep creating and sharing in ways that most suit me.


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