Russell Turner

Seek essentials and give the most

Urgency is my fault


I walked into work with an overflowing plate of things to do. Then I got a message that Olga was stuck at a gas station with the tire hanging off of the wheel. I wrapped up a meeting and raced home to put new tires on the car. By 3 PM I was back at work, and you can guess how productive the afternoon went.

The truth is, I should have seen this coming. I've known for at least a year that the tires were at the end of their useful life. Then several weeks ago the car started to wobble and I kept meaning to check it out. It turns out that the tire had separated and it was a matter of time before it blew out.

Instead of being proactive. Instead of managing a potential problem when it could have been in my control I put it off. Then it chose an inopportune time to become an urgent problem.

Yes, sometimes life throws us curve balls—unexpected challenges (or opportunities). But most of the time we should have seen it coming.


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