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My Vision for Health & Fitness


I'm taking another pass at the vision for my life. I want to share my first category of life, health & fitness, and walk you through the process I'm using. This is based on Tony Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM), and enhanced by my results coach, Suzie Conine.

I'll also tell you before we get into this that I think setting the vision for your life is one of the most important things you can do. And it's simple, but it isn't easy—at least it doesn't come easy for me. So if you struggle with this, just keep chipping away at it a little bit at a time.

1. Beliefs

I used to start with vision, but Suzie encouraged me to capture what I believe about this area first. The hope here is to discover beliefs that are empowering you, so you can enhance and reinforce them, and to discover beliefs that are limiting you, so you can remove them.

Another important distinction here is that you don't want to capture what you think you "should" believe, but what you believe when you're in your natural state. For me, I find that my "should" beliefs are pretty good. I know the right things to do. But in the moment, I find myself operating with the stupidest beliefs... now that I tell you all this, my beliefs below are all "should" beliefs because I have a hard time crystalizing the true "in the moment" beliefs (I'm working on it).

My beliefs around health & fitness:

2. Vision

When you're setting vision, imagine you're exactly where you want to be. Maybe it's a year or two from today. Maybe it's a decade or two from now. But picture yourself at the peak in this category.

My vision:

3. Purpose

You know what you want, now why do you want it? If you don't have a strong enough purpose, you probably won't see it through. Find your leverage.

My purpose:

4. Strategy

This is another place that Suzie helped me with. Tony Robbins calls this your "3 to thrive." It didn't click for me until Suzie explained it as the strategy, the areas to focus on to move you towards the vision.

My 3 to thrive:

5. Goals

Yes, and then finally you set some goals. You should use the "strategic" areas above as frames for these goals. What do you need to do in each of those areas to make major progress?

My goals for health & fitness in 2019:

Suzie also wants me to decide each month what I'm going to do to move me toward these goals. This is an important part, but I'm just not there yet.


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